Happy Clients

There's no better reward than a really satisfied client

Ombeline Choupin

I needed a modern and efficient website, so I could showcase my work to a professional standard – a website that could readily be found in search engines. However, I just didn’t know where to begin with the design or creation of a website that could meet these standards.

I was quickly reassured by Ludovic's professionalism. He listened to me and offered me a fully inclusive quote. From there, he took care of everything, from the initial design of the site all the way through to its creation and online launch. He has a sensitive touch with UX and aesthetics in general, which makes him a complete and accomplished service provider.

Within two weeks of Ludovic taking charge of the project, I had access to my work on a top-quality site, and it was both beautiful and striking! His expertise provided me with exactly what I needed, and in less than two weeks!

Ludovic's reliability and professionalism are, in my experience, without equal. His communication skills enable him to listen to me, and fully comprehend all my plans and expectations. Along with an ear that is empathetic to the client’s desires, Ludovic is flexible and can readily adapt to any requirements.

Do not hesitate to work with Ludovic. You will be in the hands of a trustworthy collaborator who will do everything to meet your expectations.

Ombeline Choupin  

Founder, coupdefeu.co

Jeanna D.

I wanted to create a website to tell everyone about my new venture into remote fitness coaching.

I couldn’t make my mind up whether it would be best to do it myself with WordPress or Wix, or to get it done by a professional. The choice I made, however, couldn’t have turned out better. I didn’t appreciate the complexity of such a project, and without Ludovic's invaluable help, I could never have attained such an impressive and satisfactory outcome.

He quickly understood my business and professional needs, and his prototype reflected exactly the ideas and feel I had in mind. I was simply overjoyed!

The organisation of the project was constructed with clear steps. At each stage, we arranged a validation point, and only moved forward when I was completely satisfied. This was something that I particularly liked about our collaboration.

Ludovic was always available and focussed on satisfying my expectations throughout the project. I felt like I had a working partner that was more than just a service provider and I just loved working with him!

Jeanna Dufraisse  

Founder, jeannadufraisse.com

Alexandre Cahagne

We needed to develop a serious and user-friendly brand identity for our agency, and present our business on a clean and clear showcase site.

We are more than satisfied with our collaboration and with the final result. The site corresponds perfectly to our expectations, and very quickly won new customers.

The loveliest thing about working with Ludovic is his ability to put himself in the client's shoes. You get the impression that he understands you right away, and an empathetic collaborator is always just great to work with. Alongside that, he's always proactive and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Alexandre Cahagne  

Partnerships Manager, ravalads.com

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